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pdf.png Inventory of research infrastructure and facilities HOT Each region compiled existing and relevant regional research infrastructure and facilities for conducting research in the sector of wooden biomass from SRP. TTZ 23.04.2014 08:57:00 1.17 MB 3,235
pdf.png Current research within and outside the consortium HOT The report delivers relevant active and finalized projects concerning research and technological development (RTD) in the area of wooden biomass production from SRP and use as resource for efficient biofuel in the participating ROKWOOD regions. TTZ 23.04.2014 08:59:36 659.9 KB 1,992
pdf.png Obstacles and barriers for wooden biomass production HOT The aim of this report is to identify and describe the main obstacles hindering the utilisation of wooden biomass from SRP, seen by the SMEs working in this field. TTZ 23.04.2014 09:01:03 490.78 KB 3,502
pdf.png Findings of the SWOT analysis HOT This report acts as the deliverable and key output for Work Package 1, Task 1.3: SWOT analysis of each region (economic, innovation and RTD perspective), which was undertaken from August 2013 to February 2014 TTZ 23.04.2014 09:05:34 1.02 MB 4,675
pdf.png Links to other European and international initiatives and projects HOT Links to other European and international initiatives and projects TTZ 23.04.2014 09:08:27 555.8 KB 3,583