The two farmers Hans-Georg von Engelbrechten and Clemens von König founded "Agraligna GmbH" as a consequence of long-term cooperation in the field of woody energy crops, as well as the ecological and renewable heat deployment. Under the slogan "energy wood from the field", the two farmers do not only the consulting and services for the cultivation of this energy wood for other Farmers. They are also advisors for ideas and possibilities for implementation of the recovery of raw materials in the region. Mr von Engelbrechten has specialized since 2006 in the production of energy wood and lives in the Northeastern part of Germany. Particularly through the activities in the National Forest Enterprise of Sachsen-Anhalt, for whom he has developed the theme of energy wood production mainly responsible, he gained broad experience through SRC plants at various locations. Clemens von König operates a farm in the middle of Germany near Braunschweig and is operating in the heating contracting based on chips since 2006. The largest project "Bioenergy Village Beuchte" went into operation in 2008 and currently serves 65 households all year round with heat. Specially created for this energy wood surfaces provide the heating to nearly 100%. Along with the Northwest German Research Institute (NWFVA) and the Italian Institute poplar variety trials are performed for fast-growing tree species in the middel of Germany. From own qualified and licensed nurserries planting material from the region is offered, which is planted in demand quickly and accurately with a special planter. The preparation of the Fields is optimal in autumn, the planting of the Cuttings takes place in spring from March till May.