Biotricity is a scalable business in the green energy sector. It proposes to construct a Combined Heat and Power (“CHP”) facility dedicated to the processing of bio fuels and the generation of 16.3 MW of Base Load (‘always on’) electricity from renewable sources. By both producing sustainable electricity and converting raw biomass to a refined bio fuel, it is anticipated that Biotricity will simultaneously avail of the enhanced “electricity tariff” for biomass CHP and satisfy an existing domestic and overseas demand for “fit-for-purpose”, certifiable bio fuels. Biotricity has received planning permission for its Biomass Processing CHP Power station in Rhode, Co. Offaly. It has also received a viable grid offer for the connection to the national grid and has fuel supply contracts for 15 years, the lifetime of the Power Purchase Agreement for the sale of its electricity. Biotricity’s team is comprised of experts in bio-fuels, forestry, start-ups, business modelling and sales/marketing. Biotricity has taken additional external advice on plant and process design and will team with an Irish-Danish plant engineering firm which has designed a number of similar power and CHP plants around Europe.