BIOAZUL has two main business areas strongly interconnected, concretely the identification, production and implementation (technical, coordination and management tasks) of applied research and international cooperation projects related to renewable energies (mainly based on biomass) and water management framed within different European funding programmes and, on the other hand, the development, optimisation and distribution of eco-innovative products and technologies for wastewater treatment (complete SBR and MBR systems for wastewater treatment and water reuse, especially in remote locations or for specific wastewater compositions; chemicals for wastewater treatment, focused on standard wastewater systems, etc.).

BIOAZUL has an extensive experience in the establishment of SRPs, being one of the pioneer companies in this sector. Through R&D and industrial projects several technical activities related to biomass production (for energy purposes), food wastes (solid and liquid mainly coming from agro-food industry), wastewater (treatments of municipal and industrial using different technologies) and soil remediation have been developed.