ASAJA was created on 14 July 1991 as the result of the agreement to merge different Agricultural Organisations (CNAG, CNJA and UFADE), thus becoming the largest Professional Agricultural Organisation in Spain with over three thousand active members. ASAJA was founded in order to represent, manage, defend and promote the professional interests of the agriculture and livestock sector in general and of its member organisations with full legal personality and subject to strictly democratic principles.

Its purpose is to defend family farms and agricultural companies under any type of private initiative and their progress as a viable economic activity, aiming to improve the conditions of young people wanting to do this activity, their training and professional development and, in general, defending the competitiveness of the Spanish agriculture and livestock sector both at home and abroad.

ASAJA – GRANADA as an association, provides different services to its associates, such as advice on trade unions, accounting, grants, training, telecentres and on technical, legal, tax and employment matters, etc.