ROKWOOD will support the transnational cooperation of research driven clusters active in the development of technologies and services for the wooden biomass sector aiming at the realisation of regional resource-efficient European Biomass Regions. The targeted production of wooden biomass in SRPs for local energy and material purposes addresses technologies and services in the area of renewable energies, soil conservation, clean technologies, water reuse and eco-design. The efficient and sustainable production and utilisation of wooden biomass in SRP will be increased by technologies and services to be developed by the cluster partners. In order to close the gap between real situation and political and sustainable requirements for lignocellulosic biomass production in SRP, substantial improvements in all relevant sectors (technologies, logistics, economic conditions, legal framework, stakeholder awareness and participation) are needed. Taking this situation into account the here presented ROKWOOD project is targeting the existing barriers for SRPs in Europe order to make the production of lignocellulosic biomass in Europe economic attractive, sustainable and technically feasible.