The ROKWOOD final meeting took place on 19 October 2015 in Brussels at EUBIAs office. Amongst other issues the project partners discussed with the European Project Officer of ROKWOOD Olivier Brunet how this very successful initiative can be continued in the future.

The project will end in November and thus the partners were discussing the last actions to be undertaken to finish the open tasks of the project work plan. All work packages are on track and very valuable outputs have been generate throughout the projects lifetime:

A database on sector related projects and initiatives: Project links

Policy briefs for each country dedicated to the project partnership: Policy Briefs

A detailed Joint Action Plan: Joint Action Plan

The Best practice Booklet compiling 40 examples from different countries: Best Practice Booklet

Information Videos explaining SRP to different stakeholders: Videos

Valuable background information about the SRP sector: ROKWOOD publications

The EU Project Officer Olivier Brunnet joined the consortium at the end of the meeting in order to report how other Region of Knowledge Projects are continuing their partnerships and activities. With him the partners were discussing the plans of the ROKWOOD consortium to keep the initiative running.