Kevin Lindegaard of Crops for Energy kicks off the SUPERGEN Annual Assembly in Birmingham 5 NOVEMBER 2014

Kevin Lindegaard of Crops for Energy Ltd. presented a paper called "Promoting policy development and an EU Action Plan for the Woody Energy Crops Sector" at the Supergen Annual Assembly in Birmingham on the 5th November. Kevin's presentation was one of two talks on SRC that kicked off this years event.

The paper presents a two year progress report from the UK perspective on the outputs of the ROKWOOD consortium. The project outputs described in the presentation include:

  • An assessment of trans-national research needs and an agenda of project ideas
  • A set of four policy briefs designed to inform national and local policymakers
  • The Joint Action Plan
  • The International Co-operation Strategy

You can download presentations form the public library section and see a video recording of Kevin delivering the talk here.